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OEG Sea Waves
About us

As a global leader, at OEG we ensure our customers’ offshore energy production operations are more efficient, more reliable, more environmentally sensitive, and safer, no matter how big or small, run-of-the-mill, or highly nuanced they are.

Embracing a niche approach, we are a pivotal link in the global offshore energy production chain.

With over 50 years of experience, more than 1,000 employees, and active in over 65 countries worldwide, our collaborative spirit forges trusted partnerships with major global energy companies, helping to advance the necessary energy transition through our two main businesses:

OEG Offshore is the world’s number 1 owner and lessor of reusable offshore DNV certified containers with a diverse fleet of 75,000+ cargo carrying units, enabling the safe transportation of essential cargo to and from offshore energy installations. Our containers play a key role in reducing the environmental impact of offshore energy operations by transporting waste materials back on land for reprocessing. OEG Offshore is also building a fleet of intermodal cryogenic tanks for the growing transport needs of hydrogen production and captured carbon dioxide.

OEG Renewables is a rapidly growing global services company that provides specialist services for offshore wind farm development, construction, operations and maintenance. Our skilled professionals have deep knowledge developed from working on 95% of all offshore wind farms built to date. With bases in Europe, Taiwan and the USA, OEG Renewables provides a full suite of industry-leading integrated topside, marine and subsea solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Together we continue to innovate and grow alongside our customers as they navigate and capture further opportunities in the transitioning energy markets.

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Our purpose

We respond to the ever-evolving demands of one of today's most logistically and innovatively complex sectors: offshore energy production. Our clients supply energy around the globe, and we recognise the responsibility we hold in assisting them to produce energy offshore. No matter how your priorities change, where you operate or how your needs unfold, we are here. Providing solutions that not only foster business growth but also actively drive the development of new energy forms, benefiting both people and our shared planet.

We are motivated by our unwavering commitment to help maintain a secure, affordable, and sustainable supply of global energy for our daily lives. Our ambition is to provide the essential shield for these supplies that secures a better future for us all.

Together, we forge the path to a brighter, safer, and sustainable tomorrow.

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Our Values

As a unified global team, we embrace values that shape our character and steer us toward personal and business growth. We stand ready to consistently contribute to our clients, society, and the planet.


    We believe in ourselves, in our potential to make things work. Our daily commitment is a relentless pursuit of excellence, upholding the highest standards in quality, safety, industry best practices, and customer service. Our daily activity is a relentless pursuit of excellence, as we firmly uphold the highest standards of quality, safety, and customer service.


    We are committed to adapt our services and solutions to help meet the challenges of a globally evolving landscape driven by the energy transition. We embrace the responsibility of creating a positive impact on our environment, approaching it with intelligence, foresight, and innovation.


    Listening, understanding, advising. That's our mission. To be your trusted partner. Your reference point for offshore energy expertise and knowledge.

OEG Energy Group Leadership Team

Team List

Open bio
OEG Group John Heiton

John Heiton

Chief Executive Officer

Open bio
OEG Group David Carr

David Carr

Chief Commercial Officer

Open bio
OEG Group Doug Fleming

Doug Fleming

Chief Financial Officer

Open bio
OEG Group Caroline Merson

Caroline Merson

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Open bio
OEG Group Anthony Moss

Anthony Moss

Chief of Staff

Open bio
OEG Group Arran Mackenzie

Arran Mackenzie

General Counsel

OEG Energy Group Management Team

Team List

Open bio
OEG Group Joanne Barbour

Joanne Barbour

Group Corporate Development and M&A Manager

Open bio
OEG Group Grant Campbell

Grant Campbell

Head of Tax

Open bio
OEG Group Lisa Elrick

Lisa Elrick

Group Sustainability Manager

Open bio
OEG Group Lisa Flint

Lisa Flint

Group HR Manager

Open bio
OEG Group Chris Forbes

Chris Forbes

Head of Information Technology

Open bio
OEG Group David Lipp

David Lipp

Group Financial Controller

Open bio
OEG Group Lorraine Mitchell

Lorraine Mitchell

Group Marketing Manager

Open bio
OEG Group Paul Morrison

Paul Morrison

Group Treasury Manager

Open bio
OEG Group Leslie Scorgie

Leslie Scorgie

Head of QHSE

OEG Offshore Management Team

Team List

Open bio
OEG Group John Aw

John Aw

Regional Director - APAC

Open bio
OEG Group Gavin Collins

Gavin Collins

Global Commercial Director

Open bio
OEG Group Rob Goodall v2

Rob Goodall

VP - Africa, Caspian & Europe

Open bio
OEG Group Patrick Hanna

Patrick Hanna

Regional Director - Australia & New Zealand

Open bio
OEG Group Clive Hoskisson

Clive Hoskisson

Managing Director - UK

Open bio
OEG Group Chris Kleinhans

Chris Kleinhans

Regional Director - Middle East

Open bio
OEG Group Daniel Lim

Daniel Lim

Group Asset Director

Open bio
OEG Group Jens Petter Broch

Jens Petter Broch

Regional Director - Scandinavia

Open bio
OEG Group Kevin Saroop

Kevin Saroop

Regional Director - Caribbean

Open bio
OEG Group Ramon Souza

Ramon Souza

Regional Director - Brazil

OEG Renewables Management Team

Team List

Open bio
OEG Group Eric Briar

Eric Briar

Managing Director

Open bio
OEG Group Melanie Bruce

Melanie Bruce

Finance Director

Open bio
OEG Group Ian Coates

Ian Coates

Topside Director

Open bio
OEG Group Leif Cooper

Leif Cooper

Marine Director

Open bio
OEG Group Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton

Development Director

Open bio
OEG Group Toby Mead

Toby Mead

Operations Director

Open bio
OEG Group Bernhard Messer

Bernhard Messer

Europe Director

OEG Group Rolf de Vries

Rolf de Vries

Subsea Director

Open bio
OEG Group Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu (Kuo-Lun)

Regional Director - APAC 亞太區域總監

Side by side, overcoming offshore energy transition challenges


Supporting your journey towards shared growth.