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OEG Energy Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, David Carr, is standing for election on the RenewableUK Board.

In the article below, David sets out the reasons and motivations behind his decision to seek election this year and why members should vote for him.

As the Chief Commercial Officer at OEG Energy Group I am pleased to present my nomination for a position on the RenewableUK Board. With almost 30 years’ global experience at leading energy services companies, from field to executive management, I have a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities facing the renewables supply chain, and the implications these have for supporting sustainable economic growth and UK energy security.

Nomination video

Watch the full nomination video to learn more about David and his reasons and motivations behind his decision to seek election this year.
At OEG Renewables, I lead the development of integrated services and product offerings to offshore wind farm developers, combining specialist topsides, subsea and marine services. The ever-growing scale of renewable projects necessitates a robust and adaptable supply chain capable of supporting the sector’s current and future demands. While the UK’s renewables supply chain has witnessed remarkable growth, achieving ambitious net-zero targets requires continued, collaborative efforts between industry and government to reform and strengthen supporting frameworks. If elected to the Board, I will advocate for the importance of a reliable and resilient UK supply chain, which will be critical to allow members and all stakeholders to successfully achieve the goal of a just and rapid energy transition. Furthermore, I will champion the economic benefits, from jobs to exports, which will flow from a UK supply chain that is well positioned to capitalize on future trends in our sector.
Thank you for considering my nomination. I am incredibly enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve on the RenewableUK Board and contribute my expertise in the offshore energy supply chain for the benefit of all stakeholders