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OEG Renewables Wind Turbine Worker

The depth of our experience and commitment enables us to anticipate and overcome the challenges of the energy transition.

We protect what’s important and find solutions for what’s needed. It’s our commitment to you, to the planet, and to our worldwide society. A commitment for tomorrow.

The energy transition is a requirement of us all, a purposeful mission for our planet. In this business, your goals are also our own. A joint effort to define solutions that aid our collective journey toward a better world. It takes a track record, strong qualifications, and most importantly, reliable support. But together, we’ll power our future.

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ESG pillars: The foundation of our way of being

We have a shared purpose, to protect tomorrow, guiding us each day and influencing how we envision our future. Thus, ESG principles are intrinsic to our company and have shaped our business model.

Our priority is to take responsibility and reduce our impact on the planet and our environment while simultaneously making a significant improvement in our shared future. To make this possible, we constantly strive to reduce our environmental footprint through decarbonisation and invest in new renewable energies to ensure a cleaner, safer, and more affordable tomorrow for all.

The energy market demands a collective commitment to achieve three crucial objectives for responsible growth, and at OEG, we actively align our actions with them.

We aim to add value to the offshore energy value chain through our business, solutions, and services, adhering to international reporting standards like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). Our commitment to sustainability is a journey we navigate daily, engaging in an ongoing dialogue with both internal and external stakeholders.

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Our vision

At OEG, as the parent company, we aim to continue contributing to the energy transition through our business vision and the specific operations of our companies: OEG Renewables and OEG Offshore. Because protecting what is important for you today will enable us to create a stronger and cleaner tomorrow, together.

For more information on our sustainability performance, please see our published Sustainability Report 2022.

At the forefront of the energy transition


Supporting your journey towards shared growth.